How to choose the right perfume for me

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Have you been wearing the same perfume for “centuries” and want a change? Or have you never chosen a perfume and just wear what someone once gave you? Whichever of the two categories you belong to, reading the following instructions on how to choose a perfume, the only sure thing is that you will not look blind but you will know where to start. We have created the following guide for choosing the right perfume, which will help you find your next perfume.

Never try too many perfumes at the same time

The rule of three applies!
Even if you are on a mission to go crazy shopping and search for the perfect perfume, it is worth limiting your perfume tests to up to three at a time. Try them on the skin for at least 24 hours to see the evolution of the perfume on your skin. And if you did not like the first triad then try another three until you find what will be your next perfume.

Visit our experts in our store, who will help you reduce your options and choose a perfume. As we wrote above you have to limit the options to three to try them on your skin.

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Test your perfume for at least 4 hours before you buy it

Each fragrance has top notes, middle notes & base notes. Once you spray a perfume, the first thing you smell is the top notes. As the fragrance calms down, then you smell the middle notes and finally the base notes. Never decide or reject a fragrance from the top notes, always let the fragrance evolve for at least 4 hours.

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Understand the notes and olfactory families of perfumes

Before looking for a new perfume, try to better study the perfumes you now have in your collection. Once you find the ones you like, look for them in our online store, find your perfume and see which olfactory family it belongs to. This way you will find the olfactory families that you like and you will be able to look for perfumes only in them.

These are the olfactory families of perfumes:

East Fragrances & rarr;
Vanilla aromas & rarr;
Perfumes with skin notes & rarr;
Fragrances with citrus notes & rarr;
Sea Fragrances & rarr;
Floral Fragrances
Spices with notes of spices & rarr;
Wood Scents & rarr;
Συπρέ Αρώματα & rarr;
Φουγκερ Αρώματα & rarr;
Fruit Fragrances & rarr;

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Do not follow the trends, follow your favorite perfumes

You should never choose a perfume based on other people’s opinions. Also under no circumstances should you choose perfumes based on fashion trends or advertisements. Our perfume is a personal choice, we must like ourselves first of all and characterize ourselves. When you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position.

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